New Products

The staffs of optoelectronic Materials Department of SIOM all have many years of crystal growthing and processing experience with various crystal growthing equipments and technologies, such as CZ, KY, Brigman, HEM, and optical floating zone methods.

We can provide high quality (super smooth , super smooth, super clean), multi-variety (more than 30, hundreds of specification sizes) epitaxial film substrates and functional crystals, such as high temperature superconducting film substrates, magnetic and ferroelectric film substrates, semiconductor crystals, photoelectric crystals, laser crystals , and also can provide high purity, multi-specification sputtering targets (single crystal, ceramic, metal and alloy targets) and evaporation sources for domestic and foreign research institutes. In addition, we can provide crystal material orientation, cutting, grinding, polishing and other processing services at the most Competitive price.